WE GROW WHAT WE EAT WRITTEN BY DR. STEVE CHANEY ON MAY 13, 2014 The subtitle of this week’s “Health Tips From the Professor” is “We Grow What We Eat”. No, this is not about each of us starting a backyard garden and literally growing what we eat – although that would probably be a good idea for […]

Folic Acid Does Not Increase Cancer Risk


You’ve seen the headlines. “Folic Acid Supplements May Increase Colon Cancer Risk in People Over 50” and “Folic Acid Supplements May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk in Men”. And I’ve seen articles telling people over 50 that they should take their multivitamin tablets every other day to avoid getting too much folic acid. Similarly, I’ve heard […]

Want Cancer With That Burger?


Author:  Dr. Steve Chaney, Professor Nutrition & Biochemistry UNC Independence Day is just around the corner and backyard cookouts are in full swing.  One question that you probably won’t hear from your host or hostess is “Would you like some cancer with that burger?”  But, perhaps that is exactly the question that they should be asking. You probably […]

Folic Acid and Colon Cancer Revisited

Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney For years we have been told that adequate folic acid intake is important for decreasing the risk of colon cancer.  That is why some of you were so surprised last year when you began reading warnings that folic acid supplementation might actually increase the risk of colon cancer in older people. Some […]

Vitamin D & Cancer

Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney This is the final installment of my “Tips” based on Dr. Michael Holick’s book, “The Vitamin D Solution”. The connection between vitamin D and reduced cancer risk is certainly one of the most controversial chapters in his book. There is certainly ample reason to suspect that vitamin D reduces the risk of […]

Cancer Resources


One of the most objective sources of cancer research I have found is medical writer Ralph W. Moss, PhD, who has written or edited twelve books and three film documentaries on questions relating to cancer research and treatment.  If you or someone you know is battling cancer, then I highly recommend that you consider consulting with […]