Smart Supplementation

Scientific Studies Support Supplementation for Good Health

The quality of our food has changed dramatically even during our lifetime. Our soil is weaker; our water is more polluted, and the result is that food is less nutrient-dense. Our food is shipped from all over the world which can lead to a significant depletion in nutrients.  It’s often picked prematurely and gassed to keep it fresher looking for the long journey ahead into other countries.  Factory farming practices have depleted the nutrient content of our food…and then there’s the whole controversy over the safety of GMO foods.  Unless you are eating a perfect diet of homegrown food, most experts agree that we are all in need of some supplementation – even those who eat very well most of the time.

We can all benefit from antioxidants for immune function and for general anti-aging.  We live in a much more toxic world than our ancestors lived in, which increases the demands on our body.  Gut health is a major concern since 70% of our immune system is generated in the gut, so probiotics have become extremely important today.  There are countless studies showing the benefits of fish oils, although we must be careful with the brand we choose since so many have tested high for toxic PCBs.  If you are vegan, you need extra B-12, which you cannot get from your diet.  The majority of people are now deficient in vitamin D and studies are showing some pretty incredible benefits of having higher blood levels, including reducing your risk of cancer and other diseases.  Stress plays a significant role in our health.  When we stress, we can burn every B vitamin in our body in just 10 minutes, leading to cravings, mood-swings, hair loss and much more.

Because I’ve personally dealt with so many health issues, I’ve changed my views about supplementation over the years and have become more preventative-minded about health.  There are countless clinical studies related to supplementation that provide overwhelming evidence that it’s just a smart thing to supplement wisely.  So it may be short-sited to think you don’t need supplements just because you don’t get sick.   Disease doesn’t happen over night, it happens over a lifetime and there are many factors that will determine the outcome.  The lifestyle choices we make today have been shown to have a huge impact on our future health.


After extensive research in this area,  I’m proud to offer my clients what I believe to be the best supplements on the market.

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