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armyWhen my children were toddlers, I told them they had an army living inside of their bodies that would fight to keep them healthy. When they ate healthy food and took their vitamins, they were making their army stronger.  When they ate sugar & other junk foods, their army would go to sleep and couldn’t fight.  I wanted them to understand that their personal choices really mattered.

When our kids are young and eager to learn, it’s a great time to equip them with knowledge that will empower them to make healthier choices throughout their life.  I constantly made up games to make learning a fun experience.

All 3 of my children went through different stages with their food choices, especially when their friends were eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  It can be challenging when our kids go from enthusiastic label readers to rebels against all things healthy.  I’ll never forget the frustration I felt when I discovered that my daughter was trading her healthy lunches for a friend’s junky ones.  Her doctor had her on a gluten-free diet and I had no idea that she wasn’t complying until months later when a lunchroom mom told me.  I’d even find LOTS of her vitamins buried in the couch cushions. I learned the importance of being gentle and loving when teaching and modeling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Taking baby steps is sometimes far more effective than trying to make too many changes all at once.  While it’s natural for kids to go through periods of rebellion against eating healthy food, it’s a beautiful thing to eventually see your children take ownership of their health.

babygirlThe health problems faced by our kids today are unlike any in the past. Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in the United States is overweight or obese. Poor diet and lack of exercise put today’s children at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer later in life.

Research has shown that most kids are deficient in some key nutrients that are essential for good health.

Nutritional deficiencies can be significant to the overall health of infants and children because growth and development can be seriously hindered by shortages in essential vitamins or nutrients.

Vitamin D Deficiency is Widespread

Much of our life-long health is pre-programmed in childhood, and many adult diseases are rooted in exposures, lifestyle and diet during the first decade of life.  Vitamin D, or lack of it, is a classic example.  Recent findings indicate kids are not getting enough vitamin D which has prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics to double their recommendation for vitamin D for children.

Several large-scale studies have found that vitamin D deficiency is widespread. One in 10 U.S. children are estimated to be deficient — and 60% of children may have suboptimal levels of vitamin D. Prolonged and untreated vitamin D deficiency can affect multiple organs and functions, including bone growth and density, metabolism, heart and immunity, but it rarely causes obvious symptoms so often goes unnoticed.

Vitamin D deficiency in childhood can cause skeletal deformities, brittle bones, frequent fractures and lead to premature osteoporosis in later life. More recent evidence suggests that vitamin D is involved in far more than bone health.  These studies have found a link between low vitamin D levels and some cancers, heart disease, suppressed immunity and even premature death. Although the studies don’t show that vitamin D deficiency can cause cancer or heart disease, experts believe that vitamin D may be a powerful player in the genesis of such disorders.

Brain Health & Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Recent research has focused on the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids for brain health. In one study of omega-3 supplementation in children with learning and behavioral problems, results indicated improvement with essential fatty acid supplementation.

Fish oil is rich in two essential fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA, in particular, supports the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves and is especially important for children.

Are the kids in your life getting the nutrition they need to develop their minds and bodies?


Our children are the most precious gift in the world.

With our busy lifestyles, it’s a challenge for our families to sit down to dinner every night of the week.  Even with a perfect diet, the combination of our depleted soils, the shipping and storage of our food, genetic alterations being made and the increased nutritional needs we have due to environmental toxins and increasing stress make it nearly impossible to get all of our vitamins and minerals solely from our food.  The evidence shows that supplementation is no longer an option.

To help ensure that our children get the nutrients they need for proper growth and development in every stage of life from infants to teenagers, I recommend Shaklee supplements for many reasons.

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  • Lactoferrin, to help support digestive health and strong immunity (only supplement with this nutrient which is also found naturally in breast milk and researched for its role in activating components of the immune system)
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  • Packed with 600 IU of vitamin D per serving for strong bones and teeth
  • 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin C, all eight B vitamins, vitamin K and calcium
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 Natural Health Products for Children

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