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Our homes should be the safest places in the world.  But are they?


What more could you ask for?

I’m a cleaning fanatic.  I LOVE when things are really CLEAN!  We all want to use safe products in our home that will not harm our family, but I couldn’t find green products that actually worked as well as I wanted…until I discovered Get Clean™ from Shaklee.  Green products just don’t perform as well as conventional products, but Get Clean™ has been shown by independent testing to outperform many of the leading brands including Shout™, Windex™, Oxyclean™ and more!  The products are so safe yet they are so powerful that they will clean amazingly well!

Talk about green…Shaklee pioneered the green industry long before it was so popular.  They know how to do it well, and being the first Climate-Neutral Certified company in the world, they are committed to creating a healthier planet while creating healthier lives.  The biggest bonus for me is that these products are so concentrated that they have saved us thousands of dollars each year–what a NO BRAINER it was to switch to Get Clean™!

Oprah picked Shaklee as one of her “Favorite Things”.  Look below to see who else is singing the praises for Get Clean™.   These products are so good they were chosen to clean the White House.  Get Clean™ products are what I whole-heartedly recommend to all of my clients.


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