Are Artificial Sweeteners safe in soft drinks? Coke says yes

Coca-Cola ad to defend artificial sweeteners Turns out it’s not just sugary soft drink sales that are declining, but diet drinks, too. So a new Coke ad tries to defend the safety of its diet drinks. (Photo: Tom Pennington, Getty Images) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Coca-Cola is taking offensive against diet soft drink critics Ad says 200 […]

Eat to Defeat Inflammation

Posted by Pamela Riggs on Jul 17, 2012 in Natural Nutrition The first nutrition course I ever took in college changed my life. I was absolutely fascinated to learn what vitamins and minerals were and how important they are for good health. It was also about that time I finally understood what Hippocrates meant when he said, “let […]

Health Tips From The Professor: How Tall Is Too Tall?

Every once in a while you see a headline that makes you do a double take – one that makes you say “Did I just see what I thought I saw?” This headline was like that. It said “Taller Women May Have a Greater Risk of Cancer”. You may not have seen the headline. It […]

Depression in men linked to folic acid deficiency


Men who do not get enough folic acid in their diets may be more susceptible to depression, studies have shown. Folic acid is the dietary form of vitamin B9 and is found primarily in green leafy vegetables, citrus fruit, beans and other legumes, liver, and yeast (including homebrewed alcohol and live yeast cultures). Folic acid […]

An Apple a Day Keeps the Cardiologist Away


Last week I shared with you a study suggesting that eating more  fruits and vegetables makes you happy. One reason these people  may be happier may be that they are also healthier.  For example, today’s study (Crowe et al, Am. J. Clin. Nutr., doi: 10.3945/ajcn.112.044073) shows that vegetarians have a 32% lower risk of developing heart disease. […]

Folic Acid Does Not Increase Cancer Risk


You’ve seen the headlines. “Folic Acid Supplements May Increase Colon Cancer Risk in People Over 50” and “Folic Acid Supplements May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk in Men”. And I’ve seen articles telling people over 50 that they should take their multivitamin tablets every other day to avoid getting too much folic acid. Similarly, I’ve heard […]

Can Folic Acid Prevent Autism?

folic acid2

Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Could something as simple as adding adequate folic acid to her mother’s diet reduce the risk of autism in her children? According to a recent study (Surenet al., JAMA, 309: 570-577, 2013), the answer may be yes. The data for this study were derived from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort study. It […]

Nuts for Coconuts


 Author: Dr. Steve Chaney Many of you have been asking me about the latest craze-taking coconut oil as a remedy (or even a preventative) for Alzheimer’s.  Most of the hype originates from a book written by Dr. Mary Newport about her use of coconut oil to help reduce her husband’s Alzheimer’s symptoms and subsequent news […]

Do Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain?


Diet sodas are in the news again. You’ve probably seen the headlines questioning whether diet sodas actually help you lose weight. In fact many of the headlines imply the diet sodas will cause you to gain weight. Two of the more sensational headlines I came across said “Think diet sodas help you lose weight? Not so, Purdue study finds”, and “Can […]

Want Cancer With That Burger?


Author:  Dr. Steve Chaney, Professor Nutrition & Biochemistry UNC Independence Day is just around the corner and backyard cookouts are in full swing.  One question that you probably won’t hear from your host or hostess is “Would you like some cancer with that burger?”  But, perhaps that is exactly the question that they should be asking. You probably […]