WE GROW WHAT WE EAT WRITTEN BY DR. STEVE CHANEY ON MAY 13, 2014 The subtitle of this week’s “Health Tips From the Professor” is “We Grow What We Eat”. No, this is not about each of us starting a backyard garden and literally growing what we eat – although that would probably be a good idea for […]

Are Saturated Fats Good For You?

Is Everything We Thought We Knew About Fats Wrong? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Bring out the fatted calf! Headlines are proclaiming that saturated fats don’t increase your risk of heart disease – and that they may actually be good for you. The study (Annals of Internal Medicine, 160: 398-406, 2014) that attracted all the attention […]


IS CHEMICAL BRAIN DRAIN A PANDEMIC?  AUTHOR: DR. STEPHEN CHANEY In a past issue of “Health Tips From the Professor” I examined the evidence suggesting that toxic chemicals in the home could cause childhood asthma. That is alarming because asthma can predispose individuals to other diseases and affects quality of life. But, what if that were […]

Five Stretches that Relieve the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Source: Health Tips From the Profressor, written by DR. STEVE CHANEY ON FEBRUARY 6, 2014. AUTHOR: JULIE DONNELLY, LMT Have you ever said in a half-joking voice, “I never felt these aches and pains before, I must be getting old?”  You aren’t getting old. You are just experiencing the results of repetitive strain injury to the muscles that […]


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WRITTEN BY DR. STEVE CHANEY ON FEBRUARY 4, 2014. THE LATEST ON DIET AND HEART HEALTH AUTHOR: DR. STEPHEN CHANEY In a previous “Health Tips From the Professor” I talked about how difficult it has been to prove that statins significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or cardiovascular deaths in a low risk population group. Now let’s […]

Do You Lie Awake Staring at the Ceiling?


Are you one of the millions of Americans who needs sleep medication most nights? Would you like to know howto fight insomnia naturally? In today’s issue of “Health Tips From the Professor” I turn to fitness and sports medicine expert Dr. Pierre Dubois for 10 simple tips that can have you sleeping like a baby. […]

Health Tips From The Professor: The Seventh Generation Revisited

When I was a young man I read an article called “The Seventh Generation” in Organic Gardening magazine. That article was based on the old Indian admonition to consider the effects of everything we do on the seventh generation of our descendents. The article was written before the environmental movement had co-opted the seventh generation […]

Are Artificial Sweeteners safe in soft drinks? Coke says yes

Coca-Cola ad to defend artificial sweeteners Turns out it’s not just sugary soft drink sales that are declining, but diet drinks, too. So a new Coke ad tries to defend the safety of its diet drinks. (Photo: Tom Pennington, Getty Images) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Coca-Cola is taking offensive against diet soft drink critics Ad says 200 […]

Eat to Defeat Inflammation

Posted by Pamela Riggs on Jul 17, 2012 in Natural Nutrition The first nutrition course I ever took in college changed my life. I was absolutely fascinated to learn what vitamins and minerals were and how important they are for good health. It was also about that time I finally understood what Hippocrates meant when he said, “let […]

Health Tips From The Professor: How Tall Is Too Tall?

Every once in a while you see a headline that makes you do a double take – one that makes you say “Did I just see what I thought I saw?” This headline was like that. It said “Taller Women May Have a Greater Risk of Cancer”. You may not have seen the headline. It […]