IS CHEMICAL BRAIN DRAIN A PANDEMIC?  AUTHOR: DR. STEPHEN CHANEY In a past issue of “Health Tips From the Professor” I examined the evidence suggesting that toxic chemicals in the home could cause childhood asthma. That is alarming because asthma can predispose individuals to other diseases and affects quality of life. But, what if that were […]

Packing a Healthy School Lunch


This morning when I went to pack my daughter’s lunch for school, I found a few surprises that were purchased when my husband and daughter went to the grocery store last night.  I took a deep breath since I’ve only been talking about healthy choices for a lifetime and clearly things looked very different.  You’d […]

DHA for Smart Babies


Author: Dr. Steve Chaney Every mom wants the best for their kids. Every mom would like to be able to give their kids an edge in life if they could.  According to a recent study there is one very simple thing that every mom can do to give her kids an edge. A study published […]